Industrial applications

    Automation is today dominating almost in each industrial sector. And thanks to its global and universal use it is without any doubt a social and economic phenomenon. Manufacturers of automation systems were blamed in the past that they were taking work away from people. In some industries this could be the case, but it would be a mistake not to see positive influences of automation these days. It would not possible to obtain today’s quality of products without automation. The productivity of production has increased thanks to using automatic systems. Automation has also brought more safety. It protects people from injuries and machines from damage. Mostly, automation in industry has replaced manually working people with machines, and humans now rather monitor the machines, supply material, provide maintenance, ... For humans, industrial automation has simplified their work, improved their standard of living, and it is protecting their health.

    Our company offers for you the automating of your industrial application, its analysis, design, project preparation, production of switchboards, wiring of all electronic part of application, development of software, and commissioning of control system. Of course, we can provide after-guarantee service.

We only need to know in detail your technological process and whole technology to be controlled. Therefore, the first step we have to do is a System Analysis.

The analysis of system includes:

  • description of automation subject – description of technological process with regard to its control,
  • list of technological process inputs/outputs,
  • design of control system structure,
  • equipment configuration for control system implementation,
  • description of control system functions.

We arrange for everything else!

Selected reference applications

Machine for production of wooden boxes, NEFAB - Levice

    The task of this machine is to assemble wooden packing boxes after the insertion of exactly cut wooden boards. Our company produced switchboards and made wiring in the whole machine, assisted in machine commissioning and putting into operation.

Control system for cranes in Portfix, Trutnov (CZ)

    Our task was to design and produce a system for controlling two cranes in concrete plant Portfix – Trutnov in the Czech Republic. The control system is designed for two cranes which are moving independently in two aisles. In each aisle there is one crane. The crane carries big concrete blocks and places them on empty places in the aisle. There the concrete blocks dry out. After drying they are transported by the crane to a place where blocks are cut into smaller blocks. Our company designed and wired all electric installation, and of course programmed an application for controlling both cranes. The control is added with a visualization on a PC from where it is possible to monitor and control the whole system, display alarms and failures.


Control for infiltration chamber, Topolčany

    Our task was to design and produce a system for controlling a machine with infiltration chamber in Topolčany. The task of machine is warm up copper to 1200 °C in the infiltration chamber. Then a carbon bar is inserted into the infiltration camber with melted copper. Copper is infiltrated into the carbon bar thus acquiring required properties. After the infiltrated carbon bar is cooled and the semi-product is ready for further processing. It is used as an electricity collector for trams. We created and wired all electric installation, produced switchboards, programmed and commissioned an application for controlling all the machine, installed and programmed an operator terminal (located on the switchboard door) for monitoring the actual status of infiltration process and for changing values.


Control for concrete mixing plant Eurobetón, Bratislava

     Our task was to design and implement a system for controlling the production of concrete in Eurobetón mixing plant in Bratislave. The system is designed in a way to control the whole process of concrete production, from the sand and cement supply from storage tanks to weighing equipment, through the process of mixing and production of concrete, to the loading of concrete onto trucks.