We implement control in industry, infrastructure, buildings and houses.

ludiaWe offer you:

  1. Task analysis.
  2. Proposing of possible task solution.
  3. Drawing of project documentation.
  4. Producing of electrical switchboard.
  5. Developing of control system software.
  6. Developing of monitoring and control system using visualization tools (InTouch, Monitor, Factory Link, ControlWeb, Vijeo Citect , Promotic, SattGraph)
  7. Archiving of data in databases (SQL, DBASE, MS ACCESS)
  8. Developing of protocols with usage (MS Excel, HTML, ...)
  9. Data transfer through modem, internet, Ethernet, radio network, GPRS, GSM-SMS, LON, KNX/EIB.
  10. System delivery and installation.
  11. System commissioning.
  12. Training.
  13. Service.
  14. Upgrade of electrical part of old equipment, switchboards and systems.
  15. Consulting on control system solutions using PLC.
  16. Sale of electrical parts and accessories

We offer the development of control system applications for:

  1. Small hydro power plants (SHPP).
  2. Chemical production units (regulation and control of chemical processes).
  3. Automation of water treatment plants (WTP).
  4. Winches and hoists.
  5. Drives (cranes, palletizers, manipulators).
  6. Fountains.
  7. Boiler-rooms and gas infrared heaters.
  8. Intelligent buildings (heating, air-conditioning, cooling, lighting, access control systems).
  9. Machine tools.
  10. Conveyors and industrial lifts.
  11. Energy monitoring with measuring quarter-hour energy consumption maximum.
  12. Weighing systems