Universal control systems


    The TWIDO control system is available in two variants – as modular (24 V DC) and compact (100/240 V AC). It is suitable for use in the industrial automation mainly thanks to its properties and possibilities of expansion based on user needs.

twido control system
TWIDO control system

Modicon TSX Micro

    The MICRO control system can also be used in industrial automation applications. It is available in two versions 24 V DC and 100/240 V AC. Some variants of Micro can be connected to Ethernet TCP/IP networks. Some variants contain an Ethernet TCP/IP module with integrated web server. The TSX Micro control system contains a lot of additional accessories necessary for fulfilling the most demanding customer needs.

tsx micro control system
Modicon TSX Micro control system

Modicon M340

    M340 programmable logic controller contains a powerful EMC processor resistant to interference, which is equally quick in binary processing as well as in math operations with decimal places. With its internal RAM of 4 MB it is designed for the application management of up to 70 Kinst and 256 kB of data. Application is stored on an SD memory card, and data in a Flash internal memory. Thanks to this combination the security of data and application stored on the card is ensured even after years in OFF state. The "Plug&Load" card technology allows a simple insertion of applications or repeated program transfers. Moreover, it is possible to save data files such as manuals, guides, maintenance files from your PC simply by dragging & dropping in Explorer. This way it is also possible to save ordinary MS Office files or instruction video files which operators can view on Magelis XBT GT graphic operator terminals through the quick direct USB connection. Modicon M340 controller is unique thanks to as much as 3 com ports integrated directly in the processor, including USB port. The other 2 ports are selectable from CANopen, Ethernet, and Modbus. Since the programming is possible to be carried out through USB or Ethernet port, the time needed for the transfer of data files into PLC is considerably reduced. If you need a remote access to a machine, you can of course do your programming through a modem or standard ADSL line. Depending on the selected communication technology, you can on-line program, transfer your programs, or access your files. Moreover, thanks to a built-in web server you can manage your application and monitor your equipment remotely.

    Modicon M340 fits to any industrial application even in the most demanding environment which often exceeds levels defined by IEC. It is extremely resistant to vibrations, shocks, electromagnetic interference, and it can work in high altitudes.

    Modicon M340 brings a motion control with multiple independent axis functions (MFB Motion Function Blocks) library, PLCopen standard library. The axes are controlled by Altivar speed drives or Lexium/IcIA servo drives.

    For pulse counting Modicon M340 offers 2 modules with 16 and 32-bit pulse counting 8 x 10 kHz or 2 x 240 kHz. Counting modules which process pulses independently of CPU reduced the loading of the processor thereby guaranteeing reliability and precision. With their 2 integrated outputs they are able to react within 200 microseconds from a defined event. The modules offer several counting and measuring modes. Bi-directional counting, measuring of speed, revolving or frequency , axis control of motors. Filtering of noise on inputs or generating of pulses on outputs (pulse generator), etc. Modicon M340 is able to manage not only simple control tasks but also the most precise algorithms. As standard, Unity Pro contains PI and PID controller library for high flexibility, and 100 % graphic programming. For simple applications it is possible to use self-tuning function. As an addition for PI and PID controllers the library contains extension blocks such as 2 or 3-point control, hot/cold PI, PIP and PPI cascades, function generator, etc.

    For programming it uses Unity Pro, a unified programming software for Modicon controllers.

modicon m340 

Modicon Premium

    The Premium control system is suitable for using in the most demanding industrial applications. This control system contains a processor with PCMCIA CANopen control card, there are 24 V DC and 100/240 V AC variants, a wide range of additional accessories is available.

modicon control system
Modicon Premium Unity and Modicon Premium PL7 control system