Sensor is a physical device detecting a signal, physical condition, or chemical compound. A general sensor definition is as follows: A sensor transforms information from one physical area of measured quantity to another physical area, most often to an electric signal.
    Currently, sensors are used in all kinds of industrial products and systems, as well as industrial process automation, HVAC regulation, etc.

We offer you these types of sensors:

  1. Contactless sensors
    • optical
    • inductive
    • capacitive
    • ultrasonic
  2. Contact sensors
    • thermometers
    • temperature sensors (PT, thermocouples)
  3. Pressure sensors
    • liquid level measuring
    • pressure conductive probes
    • submersible conductive probes
  4. Positioning sensors
    • incremental encoders (pulse counting)
    • single turn absolute encoders
    • multi turn absolute encoders
  5. Analysers
    • oxygene
    • PH
  6. Detectors
    • gas leakage
    • movement
    • dangerous gas and steam leakage