Safety equipment for industrial automation

    Modern technique, howsoever it is designed for satisfying human needs, brings some risk during its operation. According to EN 292-1:1991 it is „a combination of probability of and restraint against a possible injury in a situation of threat“. Though some measures for increasing safety in the machine operation are applied, there is still a residual risk of injury. And we offer you the equipment able to eliminate this risk of injury considerabl.

This equipment is as follows:

1. Preventa XPS – this technology is able to monitor emergency stop in all zones, monitor limit switches of guards and doors, monitor hydraulic and mechanical presses.

2. Preventa XPS-AF – this is a safety module serving for monitoring one or several circuits, and is designed for emergency stop circuits.


3. Preventa XPS-AK – this is a safety module designed for monitoring the circuits of emergency stops, safety limit switches, pressure sensitive mats and strips, and XUSL type 4 light guards having 4 solid state outputs.


4. XCS safety position switches – these safety limit switches can be used in cases where it is necessary to limit access to dangerous zones.

safety position switches

5. Security light barrier - XUS-L security light barriers are contact-less safety devices which stop the hazardous movement of a machine upon entry into its protection zone, thus preventing persons from injuries. These devices are mainly designed for protecting operators working with machines with hazardous zones, but they can be used for many other applications.


6. Two-hand control station - XY2SB two-hand control station is the protection equipment which ensures the prescribed position of hands for machine operation in case of manually controlled moulding machines.

two-hand control station

7. XY2C emergency stop trip wire switches - emergency stop trip wire switch is safety equipment designed for the emergency stopping of a machine. It protects the operator monitoring the operation of a machine or production equipment against injuries. Emergency stop trip wire switches are placed on the machines which are dangerous while in operation. The operator must be able to stop the machine from each place of his/her working space. The emergency stop trip wire switch can be used in wood working machines, shears and press-cutters, printing machines,...

emergency stop trip wire switches