ZELIO programmable relays

    Zelio Logic are programmable relays designed for small automation systems requiring 10 to 40 inputs/outputs. They are suitable for all types of machines produced in repeated series and requiring a simple control. They can also be used in buildings, for example in automating alarm systems, barriers, or in access control. Compact dimensions and easy setup make them an advantageous alternative for solutions based on the cable logic.

Given various market needs, the range of Zelio relays consists of two different versions

Zelio Logic Compact – range adapted to simple automation systems with a number of inputs/outputs up to 20. A simple setup as well as fast programming save your time and money spent on applications. There are two versions of 3 mono-blocks with 10, 12, and 20 I/O and can be as follows:

  • with a display for simple programming and setting parameters directly on the device front,
  • with no display and keys for lower costs and discreet applications.

Zelio Logic Modular – range containing two bases with 10 and 26 I/O which can be expanded with additional modules up to 40 I/O.

    The smart relay in the compact and modular version is programmed using 6 keys directly on the device body with a contextual navigation and extraordinary legibility thanks to its back-lit display. The display consisting of 4 lines with 18 characters and one icon line is the largest one on the market. The second option of relay programming is the use of software with LADDER or FBD (functional blocks) language options.