Operator terminals

   Today, operator terminals are an inseparable part of automation technologies such as programmable controllers, but also regulators, industrial PCs, and various specialized systems. Most of these devices are used on the processing level.
    Operator terminals allow and simplify for the operator the access to data and the operation of technology controlled by a PLC.
    Operator terminals can be equipped with a graphical interface, touch screen, and alphanumeric LED or LCD display.
    Some operator terminals allow to view graphical components and pictures thanks to high quality color displays. There are also monochromatic less expensive operator terminals which can give several shades, change brightness and contrast. Operator terminals have their own memory and thanks to their backup battery they can store settings also in case of power failures. For communication it is possible to use serial links RS 232 and RS 485, Ethernet TCP/IP, as well as Modbus. For application uploads it is possible to use the USB port.

operator terminals