New products and solutions

Intelligent GSM modem programmed through SMSidom

Stand alone GSM modem

- Three band 900/1800/1900MHz
- Analog/digital inputs and relay outputs
- Call and SMS
- Integrated antenna (external optional)
- Two modes of operation (IEX module or standalone unit)
- Easy to configure with SMSes
- Integrated SIM card holder
- 12V voltage range


- Activate relay by a call,
- Activate relay by a message,
- Call predefined number when condition is met,
- Send alarm message to predefined number when condition is met,
- Read analog/binary inputs by a message,
- Authorize users and read status by a message.

Application examples

- Call garage to open door for you,
- Activate heating before arriving to cottage,
- Secure your property against burglary,
- Water level monitoring and alarm

Technical documentation >>> GSM-SA Manual V1.0 <<<

Connection diagramGSM-SA1_draw














GSM module


three band 900/1800/1900MHz


internal or external


SMA with automatic switch

  External antenna


50ohm nominal

IW (4 analog/digital inputs)  
  Range   0..10V (10 bit ADC, 0..1023)
  Internal pull-up   6V, 1mA
QX (2 digital outputs)  

relay contacts, normally open

  Load   max. 3A/250V AC or 3A/30V DC, resistive

Power supply


12V DC (10-16V DC)

  Power consumption


150mA (stand by)


200mA (active)

Operation temperature


0..50°C, 0..85% rh non-condensing




Smart control of your home IQ@HOME


    New out of the box product. Control trough 8” or 12” touch panel. Easy installation and use.

  • Control of complete house lighting
  • Control of blinds
  • Control of temperature
  • Viewing of IP cameras through system
  • On-Line Weather forecast
  • Fire sensor detection, Flood sensor detection, Gas sensor detection, CO sensor detection
  • Intrusion Alarm system, Multi Zone alarm system, Alarming trough GSM
  • Easy interfacing & integration of several Audio/Video and Media Servers
  • Intercom with video included Client for IP Intercom system included
  • Home appliance integration, Elevator call, Skype, Internet browser, GSM integration
  • And many more...

System configuration

iMaster 24Mhz CPU, RTC, Ethernet
iInterface 8” / 12 “ colour touch screen with microphone
iPower 24V DC power supply
iLight max. 36 on/off lights; max. 8 DALI groups
iHVAC max. 10 temperature regulation zones; 3 time tables
iBlinds max. 12 controlled blinds
iScenes max. 12 scenes included
iCellFans max. 10 groups
iSafety max4 input sensors
iAlarm max. 3 zone cover

Brochure IQ@HOME



When your house thinks instead of you

    Today, modern houses and buildings require more from technical devices and systems installed in them – they use various modern systems for lighting, heating, air-conditioning, security, they have to adapt themselves to a number of changes. A solution is intelligent installations allowing controlling all functions in the house or building with more flexibility, security and savings, while ensuring maximum comfort.

    KNX offers an intelligent technology where requirements for security, comfort, flexibility and efficiency can be integrated within one installation system. And it is enough to start with a small basis, which you can build upon later, since the KNX system is modular.


    KNX/EIB technology is the world's only open standard and is compliant to EN 50090, EN 13321-1 and ISO/IEC 14543. As such it is supported by many manufacturers such as ABB, Jung, Gira, Merten, Schneider Electric, Siemens and around 100 others. By product certification, KNX guarantees interoperability and interworking of products, so that different products of different manufactures can be combined in different applications. It supports all currently standard communication media (TP, PL, RF, Ethernet).

    knx_partner_rgbIt is managed by the Konnex organization.

    Aplik spol. s r.o. . is a certified KNX/EIB partner and received official trainings in Czech Republic, UK, and Germany.


    Aplik spol. s r.o. can thoroughly recommend KNX/EIB technology as it is stable, secure, scalable and reasonably priced.

    KNX/EIB technology is fitted as standard in 40% of new commercial builds in Germany and starts to be used in buildings and houses in Slovakia to a greater extent as well. As an open standard many manufacturers provide devices that are compatible with each other and you can therefore pick the right device for the right task without being tied in to a single source.

    KNX/EIB is highly flexible, can be integrated with many other systems such as various audio and video systems, the internet, PDAs, mobile phones and so on. This flexibility can be harnessed however to ensure solutions that are simple to use, reliable and stylishly presented in the property. Some other systems, particularly at the lower end, offer much on paper but are not so reliable and can easily suck the property owner into the technical details. Smart home technology that interferes with your lifestyle rather than enhances your lifestyle is not doing its job properly.

Intelligent houses and intelligent installations

instalacia    If you are building a new house or reconstructing existing one, call us. Sooner we start to work together, better we can help you. It is important to lay right cables on right places. Though wireless technologies are fashionable, cables offer more reliability, security, higher speed and control. Wireless devices are suitable rather as an addition to cabled solutions. Good cabling allows installing later new devices without drilling.

    Intelligent house means comfort, fun, security, excellent design, and simple control. It saves energy consumed, makes life in your house more simple and pleasant, and increases the value of your real estate.

Home automation

    Let automation do repeated activities! To undraw a curtain when you get up. To switch off all lights and heating, switch on alarm system, when you leave. To close roof windows when it rains. To move down roller blinds when you go to bed. To switch on lights at dusk. To draw in awnings in case of a strong wind. To control blinds based on daylight intensity. To water your garden. These are only some of activities which your house can perform instead of you.

pritomnostEnergy consumption control/cost savings

    Energy is consumed only when and where it is really needed. Movement and presence detectors switch on/off lights, heating and air-conditioning only when the room is occupied. The system can, by the movement of roller blinds as well as by exact positioning of blind slates, control the light level and thus switch on artificial lighting only it is needed. Automatic use of more favorable tariffs for high energy consuming appliances, energy monitoring and possibility of shedding selected loads or circuits is a matter of course as well. The output of boiler or air-conditioning equipment is controlled according to actual requirements for heating or cooling.

Central/remote control, touch panels

    From anywhere you can control music, lights, heating, blinds, windows or doors, set temperatures for different rooms. Even through your mobile phone or internet if you are not at home. Pressing on a button invokes a series of actions – e.g. it switches hi-fi equipment, dims lights and draws out a projecting screen from the ceiling. For control you can use touch panels, TV set, or PC with internet explorer.

kinoHome theater

    You control your home theater as well as lights/blinds from one touch panel. Loud speakers can be integrated in furniture, mounted on walls or behind projecting screen. TV screen can be placed on a wall instead of a painting. A projector and projecting screen are drawn out from the ceiling automatically. You see no cables. Home theater can be sensitively integrated in your living room or be part of a special room equipped as cozy theater. The equipment can be hidden or shown for admiration.

Multiroom audio/video

    Loud speakers and hi-fi components can be hidden and despite this they offer excellent sound. Loud speakers can be built into walls or ceilings and their grids can be painted in the same color. Hi-fi components can be in one room, and controlled by a wall panel or remote control in other rooms. In the whole house the same music can play, or each room has its own song as you wish. You do not have to carry your favorite CDs back and forth any longer.


    Even from bed you can find our whether all windows are closed. On TV set you can see video from security cameras, you can watch your child on any TV. It is possible to simulate your presence by automatic control of lights and blinds while you are away for a longer time. Breaking of a window glass results in moving blinds down and sending a message. Alarm or pressing of a panic button switch on lights in the house and garden and call the police.

strukturovanaStructured cabling/internet

    Structured cabling allows to access phone, internet, video and music in every room. Anytime you can change connected equipment. All computers and appliances have access to internet, share the same printer, music, pictures and video.


TeSys – T multifunction relay

    The task of TeSys T multifunction relay is to provide a user-friendly and complete system for motor control, protection and monitoring. The product protects electric motors from 0,4 to 100 A directly and from 100 to 810 A indirectly (using external current transformers). The LTMR basic module provides current and thermal protection. The LTME expansion module provides power and voltage monitoring. Interconnection between LTMR and LTME is made by a cable with RJ45 connectors.

What TeSys T offers:

  • thermal overload protection (Class 5 to 30)
  • protection against voltage imbalance or phase failure
  • protection against phase reversal
  • protection against long time starting
  • monitoring of short-circuited rotor
  • protection against ground faults (residual current device 20mA to 10A with time delay setting)
  • protection against process load fluctuations
  • direct thermal protection by PTC probe

    All these protections can be not only set up but also ignored or issued with alarm before trip action. Protection reset can be made manually (by a button on the device front), automatically (by defining a time delay after failure), or remotely by a programmable logic controller, by a PC, or by a Magelis operator terminal. The product offers a lot of options for controlling motors and applications (direct-on-line starting, 2-step starting, star-delta starting, 2-speed starting, reverse starting, or user programmed starting), either locally through digital I/O or via a Magelis operator terminal, or remotely thanks to the communication built in each basic module. We are open here and we offer control by the most common protocols such as Modbus, CanOpen, Profibus DP, DeviceNet, and Ethernet TCP/IP.

tesys t 

The expansion module moreover provides:

  • undervoltage/overvoltage protection
  • protection against voltage imbalance or phase failure
  • protection against phase reversal
  • load shedding in case of voltage drop
  • protection against underload and overload
  • protection against cos φ undervalue and overvalue

    Using both devices together with operator terminal it is possible to measure and display rms phase currents, ground current, current and voltage imbalance, phase-to-phase voltage, frequency, active and reactive power, cos j, thermal value of motor, and thermal capacity. At the same time it is possible to display statistic data of values on all failures, number of control functions performed, and complete log of last five failures (including the date and time of failure, and values of quantitites monitored). Of course also internal errors and module overloads are available, and control commands and/or sensor connections (PTC probes, residual current device transformer, logic inputs) are also diagnosed. For motor state identification there are operation time, number of starts, control states of motor, time remaining to motor start, time remaining to failure reset, maximum current, and starting time of last motor starting.

    For controlling or monitoring there are 6 digital inputs (internally generated signal voltage) and 4 relay outputs on the basic module, and 2 independent inputs with externally generated signal voltage on the expansion module. The multi-function relay is supplied via a special input with possibility of control voltage selection (24 VDC or 110-240 VAC).


Modicon M340

    M340 programmable logic controller contains a powerful EMC processor resistant to interference, which is equally quick in binary processing as well as in math operations with decimal places. With its internal RAM of 4 MB it is designed for the application management of up to 70 Kinst and 256 kB of data. Application is stored on an SD memory card, and data in a Flash internal memory. Thanks to this combination the security of data and application stored on the card is ensured even after years in OFF state. The "Plug&Load" card technology allows a simple insertion of applications or repeated program transfers. Moreover, it is possible to save data files such as manuals, guides, maintenance files from your PC simply by dragging & dropping in Explorer. This way it is also possible to save ordinary MS Office files or instruction video files which operators can view on Magelis XBT GT graphic operator terminals through the quick direct USB connection. Modicon M340 controller is unique thanks to as much as 3 com ports integrated directly in the processor, including USB port. The other 2 ports are selectable from CANopen, Ethernet, and Modbus. Since the programming is possible to be carried out through USB or Ethernet port, the time needed for the transfer of data files into PLC is considerably reduced. If you need a remote access to a machine, you can of course do your programming through a modem or standard ADSL line. Depending on the selected communication technology, you can on-line program, transfer your programs, or access your files. Moreover, thanks to a built-in web server you can manage your application and monitor your equipment remotely.

    Modicon M340 fits to any industrial application even in the most demanding environment which often exceeds levels defined by IEC. It is extremely resistant to vibrations, shocks, electromagnetic interference, and it can work in high altitudes.

    Modicom M340 brings a motion control with multiple independent axis functions (MFB Motion Function Blocks) library, PLCopen standard library. The axes are controlled by Altivar speed drives or Lexium/IcIA servo drives.

    For pulse counting Modicom M340 offers 2 modules with 16 and 32-bit pulse counting 8 x 10 kHz or 2 x 240 kHz. Counting modules which process pulses independently of CPU reduced the loading of the processor thereby guaranteeing reliability and precision. With their 2 integrated outputs they are able to react within 200 microseconds from a defined event. The modules offer several counting and measuring modes. Bi-directional counting, measuring of speed, revolving or frequency , axis control of motors. Filtering of noise on inputs or generating of pulses on outputs (pulse generator), etc. Modicon M340 is able to manage not only simple control tasks but also the most precise algorithms. As standard, Unity Pro contains PI and PID controller library for high flexibility, and 100 % graphic programming. For simple applications it is possible to use self-tuning function. As an addition for PI and PID controllers the library contains extension blocks such as 2 or 3-point control, hot/cold PI, PIP and PPI cascades, function generator, etc.

    For programming it uses Unity Pro, a unified programming software for Modicon controllers.

modicon m340