Voda - obrázok

Water is our companion for all our life.
And we accompany water in various forms. We can control:

  • We control the distribution of drinking water from its source to its consumers.
  • We control sewage systems and water treatment plants.
  • We control water which is cooling production lines.
  • We control water in small hydro-electric power plants.
  • We control water appeasing our spirits while spouting in fountains.
  • We control water amusing us when changing to snow on winter ski slopes.

Industrial Control

Riadenie v priemysle- obrázok
Every work can be simplified and automated. We implement control systems according to you requirements.
  • From simple control tasks of water-level switching to exact control by controllers with prediction.
  • From simple control of conveyor drives to exact travel positioning.
  • From simple dedicated control machines to automated production lines.
  • Comprehensive control of technological lines.
  • Monitoring of production by camera systems.
  • Visualization of production on operator terminals and PCs.
  • Archiving of data into databases and creation of protocols.

Intelligent Buildings

Riadenie inteligentných budov - obrázok

All the people want to live and work in an environment providing comfort and safety.

  • We control heating when temperature needs to be increased.
  • We control cooling when there is a need for lower temperature.
  • We provide for efficient control of ventilation.
  • We control lighting based on presence and time schedule.

All control systems can be integrated into one system in order to be able to control with ease all functions from one place at the same time. In intelligent building control we use bus systems such as LONWORKS, KNX, ETHERNET.